Truthbombs Side Hustlers NEED to Hear, with Sasha Korobov

Episode 20 – Truthbombs Side Hustlers NEED to Hear, with Sasha Korobov

Sasha Korobov is a coach for side hustlers who helps people get clarity and traction in their business, all while staying sane in the 9-5.  In 2017, Sasha (and her two cats!) left a great job at NASA to follow her heart and land in England. Since then, she has been happily settled working on her business all while sampling the pubs, scenery, and accents as an awkward ex-pat.

Topics we cover in this episode:

  • Concrete tips for side hustlers to survive their 9-5
  • Why failure is your friend and something you should (weirdly) strive for
  • How expecting roadblocks on your entrepreneurial journey make success even sweeter
  • Why being careful about the company you keep is essential to entrepreneurial freedom
  • The weird method Sasha used to follow her intuition (and how you can too)
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