The Truth about Manifesting, with Bri Mosher

Episode 35 – The Truth about Manifesting, with Bri Mosher

Bri Mosher is a Manifestation & Business Coach who can help you become the wildly wealthy, successful, fulfilled creator of your life, and manifest the life & business of your dreams. 


After college, Bri had no clear plan on what to do with her life. She left a 4 year relationship, moved back into her parents unfinished basement, and started building her business in fitness coaching.  She started making only a measly $800 per month (but don’t forget that student loan bill rolling in at $600+ per month).  She knew something had to change – she needed something sustainable.


Bri invested in learning about the laws of the universe – including manifestation and the law of attraction.  In just 10 months after following the gut feeling she couldn’t ignore, she hit 6 figures and helped tons of clients transform & manifest amazing lives. Now, Bri lives to help people rise into their power, create financial freedom for themselves, and become deeply in love with their lives.


Topics we cover in this episode:
  • The truth about manifesting, and how it’s much more than wishing and hoping
  • How to leave the victim mentality behind, and take control over the life you want to create
  • The incredible effects that surrendering to the universe can have on your business & your life

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