Trading Burnout for Joy in your Creative Business, with Meg Kissack

Episode 39 – Trading Burnout for Joy in your Creative Business, with Meg Kissack

Meg Kissack is a coach, podcaster, writer and all-around rebel-rouser for creative and multi-passionate women who want to do the things only they can do and build a wholehearted life. Meg is the host of The Couragemakers Podcast and most recently The Daily Pep! – a daily short, snappy and sassy podcast for creative women who want to quit being their own “dreamshitter”.


Meg describes herself as a creative weirdo (the good kind), who wore doc martens WAY before they were cool which led to an…interesting high school experience! She is a feminist activist, and at one point thought she wanted to run a charity for women, but burnt out.ย  She started over and found a way to build something that still serves the world but doesn’t suck the soul out of her!


In this episode, Meg & I share the real-talk behind burnout, creativity, and entrepreneurship.ย  We often naively think that we can only burn out doing things we hate…but we revert to old habits, which can make us burnout doing what we love (which is really sad)!ย  ย But we know it doesn’t have to be this way, and we talk about how in this one-of-a-kind episode.


Topics we cover in this episode:
  • How to recognize sabotaging behaviors, leave behind burnout, and create a fulfilling lifestyle
  • Ways to have fun & create more joy in business and life
  • How to balance your desire to save the world & care for yourself

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