Who is the Real You?

Episode 36 – Who is the Real You?

Are you into the “woo woo” stuff?  You know what I mean….that stuff about “energy”, and “the universe”…

The “new age spirituality” that’s really taken off recently??

I used to think I was too cool for it.

See – I had a complicated relationship with religion & spirituality.  I grew up in a very strict church that really really really wasn’t right for me.

And when I left, I was kind of left without any kind of spiritual direction.  I wasn’t really bothered by it.

Then, things in my life started falling apart.  I don’t wanna be a drama queen, but honestly…it got ugly.

Over the span of 3 years:

  • My marriage started seriously suffering
  • I was an unemployed, broke entrepreneur
  • My husband & I had accumulated about $100K in debt

….and no, that $100K didn’t include a house. We had to move in with my parents-in-law to not drown in this debt.

The future was looking bleak.  It got to a point where I knew I couldn’t go on the same way I always had.

So I started searching for answers….and that’s when this “woo woo” stuff came into my life.

I started learning what it really meant to “manifest” things I want. And I started recognizing my behavior patterns that put me on a path I wanted nothing to do with. It suddenly became clear to me how I ended up where I was.

Up until that point, I’d lived every day of my life in fear… Afraid that I’d be stuck in this dumpy version of a life forever. Afraid that I’d never live up to the potential I know I have.  Afraid that I was doomed for a mediocre (at best), and mostly meaningless existence.

And then I learned I didn’t have to live that way.   All this “woo woo” stuff helped me realize I’m not all alone in life….that I don’t have to obsess over “how” I’ll get where I want to go.

All I need to do is know that I deserve to have what I want, set clear intentions for my future based on my desires, and then take intentional action…all the while knowing that the forces of the universe are conspiring to help me create what I want.

I learned to do life & business the easy way.

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