My Skin Does Not Define Me, with Ijeoma Ekeocha

Episode #13 – My Skin Does Not Define Me, with Ijeoma Ekeocha

Ijeoma Ekeocha is a public speaker and host of the Brown Skin Stories Podcast, to share compelling stories from black people from diverse backgrounds to ensure the black story is told from the black perspective. Here’s what Ijeoma has to say about her mission:

“I noticed the lack of positive representation of black people in schools, media, the workforce and pretty much the world. My mission with this podcast and blog is to change that.”

Listen to how Ijeoma has survived and navigated blatant racial discrimination, starting at the age of 4, how she learned to love and accept herself (regardless of cultural beauty standards), and how she’s using this new found self-love to empower others to tell their stories.


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