High-Integrity, No-Sleaze Sales, with Erika Tebbens

Episode 29 – High-Integrity, No-Sleaze Sales, with Erika Tebbens

Erika Tebbens is a Marketing Strategist and Business Coach for womxn and gender-expansive entrepreneurs who’ve hit an income ceiling and want to keep growing without complex systems or sleazy sales tactics. With 15+ years experience running businesses she knows what it takes to sustainably scale without risking burnout or compromising your values.


In 2016 Erika realized she knew so many womxn who had amazing businesses that deserved success, but although the owners were great at what they did, they struggle with sales and marketing. She was decided to shut down a successful business to shift to coaching so she could help these womxn reach the full potential of their businesses.


Topics we cover:

  • why so many of us have a salty relationship with sales
  • how developing a healthy sales mindset is different in each industry
  • the secret to pricing your service-based products and feeling GOOD about it

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