Make the World Yours, with Fruzsina Varga

Episode 19 – Make the World Yours, with Fruzsina Varga

How do you escape a communist country, an abusive home, learn 4 languages, move across the world, start a business, and help others transform their lives all in one lifetime?  Fruzsina Varga knows – she lived it.  In fact, she created it.

“I was born and raised in Hungary.  I lived in Germany as an exchange student for a year, and moved to the US in 2001 and learned English from scratch. In search of  healing of the past, I learned and developed a transformational system that ultimately provides all tools to help women become fully empowered, start their own businesses as coaches, hypnotherapists and powerful influencers to make an everlasting positive impact on the planet.
Fruzsina Varga tells all about her upbringing in communist Hungary, growing up in a broken family, and overcoming all form of abuse, poverty and hardships.  Across her journey, Fruzsina held onto a few key experiences that ultimately inspired her to discover the power of her mind and led her to support and facilitate rapid transformation in others’ lives.

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