Secrets to Living the Life You Want, with Josiah Goff

Episode 25 – The Path to Living the Life You Want, with Josiah Goff

After years of rising to the top in successful tech positions, Josiah Goff thought he’d finally made it. But after Josiah got demoted in 2017, he left his job without a plan (and with a family in tow) and started a business the grew from zero to over 6-figures in its first year.

In this episode, Josiah tells the story of how he started his business, the intense personal journey that took him on, and the simple yet extremely effective exercise he used to find clarity and catapult his business to success.

Josiah is the CEO of Inigo Digital, where he helps online content creators eliminate website headaches so they can focus on the creative work they love. He also hosts the Content Heroes podcast, where he talks with bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, Instagrammers, and others who have built profitable businesses on their own terms by creating content online.

Josiah’s personal blog HERE // Josiah’s company, Inigo Digital // Josiah’s podcast, Content Heroes

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