Home Sweet Home, with Caroline Abkar

Episode 15 – Home Sweet Home, with Caroline Abkar

Imagine bomb after bomb falling through the town every minute of every day of your life – running from bunker to bunker to escape the flames and flying shards of glass moving through your home.  This is was early childhood was like for Caroline Abkar in Beirut, Lebanon. Despite these early experiences, Caroline has gone on to live a life full of gratitude and passion for helping others.  A note from Caroline herself:

My purpose is to change lives thru Real Estate. My family lost our home to war when I was 9 and had to watch my family move and rebuild our lives from scratch. I live in a state of gratitude every day and will do anything to help people find their home sweet home.  I strive to provide an unparalleled experience and level of service in order to become a trusted Realtor and advisor for life.

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