Confessions from a Serial Giver-Upper, with Jennette Morris

Episode 28 – Confessions from a Serial Giver-Upper, with Jennette Morris

Jennette Morris is a self-proclaimed perfectionist and serial giver-upper.  So afraid of failing and pushing through difficulty, Jennette never really gave herself a chance to fail OR succeed at anything.  It all changed one day when she had her “lightbulb moment” that would become her life’s mantra and battle cry:

As a perfectionist, giving up plagued my life from the get-go, where pushing through the lack of self confidence and fear I felt with, well, almost everything prevented me from finishing what I started or starting anything significant. That was until I had a lightbulb moment: “I give up on giving up!” which, changed my mindset and my life forever. Since that day I have lost over 50 pounds, realized my passion for giving up on what doesn’t belong in my life, and make a conscious decision to live with purpose every single day.

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