Damage Makes You Human, with Sean Escobar

Episode 30 – Damage Makes You Human, with Sean Escobar

TW: child sex abuse

Sean is a lifetime entrepreneur who became a multimillionaire before the age of 30 and semi-retired by 35. He and his wife Crystal have 4 children.  In February of 2018, Sean confronted his childhood sexual abuser who happened to be a prominent filmmaker. Since that time Sean has spent his time giving courage to and supporting other victims of abuse.


Sean reveals how he rose above this traumatic childhood experience – how he stepped into his power to shed the victim mentality, and instead become a protector.  Despite his success as an entrepreneur, Sean says none of that matters. His mission has become to help others who’ve endured the same kind of trauma he experienced as a child.


In this episode, Sean & I talked at length about our experiences as former members of the Mormon church (aka LDS Church).  There is quite a bit of lingo we use in this episode that those unfamiliar with Mormon culture may not understand.  I’ve included a little glossary below of terms to help you follow along.  (These are not “official” definitions – they just my own explanations from my own head).


Read the NY Times article about Sean’s experience as a child sex abuse victim.


  • ward (noun): local congregation of LDS parishioners.
  • stake (noun): a group of wards put together in a given region (usually within a town or neighboring towns)
  • Gospel Doctrine (noun): a class offered on Sundays for adult LDS parishioners, similar to “Sunday School”
  • bishop (noun): the chosen leader of a ward (like a pastor)
  • stake president (noun): chosen leader of the stake (a group of wards)


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