Carpentry Save My Life, with Camille Finan

Episode #14 – Carpentry Save My Life, with Camille Finan

TW: Suicide

After becoming a successful business woman and professor in San Francisco, Camille thought she should have had it all: money, success, high-regard from friends, family, and colleagues.  But still, Camille felt empty inside and trapped by the life she’d designed for her life.  The constant output forced her to burn the candle at both ends, until it was almost too late.  A note from Camille herself about her journey:

“I had a breakdown from not taking care of myself and almost committed suicide by gun. My mom had to take care of me and I had to let that old life go, the business, the college etc… and finally found carpentry and went into the construction trades and eventually built very successful kitchen cabinet company earning millions. 8 years ago I started a carpentry school for women only to teach basic power tools and projects and have had 7,000 women go through it, now I’m transitioning all my knowledge to online workshops to help even more women across the country know and get empowered by using their hands to build or create.”

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