Brand your Biz with Authenticity, with Gigi Davarashvili

Episode 32 – Brand your Biz with Authenticity, with Gigi Davarashvili

Yevgeniya Davarashvili, more widely known as Gigi, is a conversion-led brand and web designer from One6Creative, and the host of the “Create – Connect – Convert” Podcast. Thanks to her background in neuromarketing, digital marketing and consumer behavior, Gigi positions herself as a marketer that uses design as a tool to get her client’s seen, heard and booked – because your brand shouldn’t just LOOK good, it should bring home the good$ too!

In this episode we cover:

  • how our brains influence our purchasing decisions even before we’re consciously aware
  • why embracing your true self & your creative identity is the best way to attract your dream clients
  • how digging past the surface to get crystal clear on the “why” for your business can make or break your marketing

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