Blessed with a Brain Tumor, with Will Pye

Episode #07 – Blessed with a Brain Tumor, with Will Pye

Will Pye is an author, coach, international speaker and retreat leader helping people discover the power of their consciousness to create happiness, health and healing.  More specifically, Will was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2011, that ultimately led him to realize the gift that life is.


Will Pye inspires realization of the joyful peace in every moment and the infinite love at core of all experience. Connecting people with purpose he empowers thriving lives of service. Communicating globally as social entrepreneur, teacher, coach, speaker and author his work is summed up by ‘integrating’; integrating psychological wholeness and spiritual awakening , science and spirituality, reason and intuition, personal growth and wellbeing with collective evolution and social justice. Insights from 15yrs study, practice and exploration into consciousness and transformation are shared with humour and love as Will facilitates tension, problem and despair into peace, opportunity and joy.
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