How to Cultivate a 6-Figure Mindset, with Rachel Kelly

Episode 27 – How to Cultivate a 6-Figure Mindset, with Rachel Kelly

TW: domestic violence

Rachel Kelly is a 6-figure Business Coach from Gold Coast, Australia who helps coaches & service providers organically scale to $100K & become powerful leaders that stand out!

In this episode, Rachel tells her story of surviving years of trauma and abuse. She describes herself as a business and mindset mentor, dog mumma, motivational speaker and absolute badass who went from broke, suicidal and homeless to making her mark by creating a 6-figure business that helps women from all over the world live their best life using self-mastery, strategy and soul.

If you’ve ever doubted your ability to grow your business because the obstacles you face are just too large, this episode will give you the swift kick in pants you need to dump the helpless attitude and step into the most inspired, powerful version of yourself.

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