Imagine having a creative cheerleader on your shoulder 😇 ...

...whispering the most desired business secrets straight in your ear.... you the confidence to build your dream life & business...
...for the cost of your daily Starbucks.

How much of a difference would that make in your business growth 🏆 ?

A whole heap of a ton (!) is my guess!
Well, I've got good news for ya!


reach your creative potential

What's it all about?

In this monthly membership mastermind, you’ll learn all the strategies, hacks, tools, secrets, and **INSERT EXCITING WORD HERE**, so that you can:

✔️  find clarity on your dream business & dream life

✔️ create freedom financially, creatively, and spiritually

✔️ grow a network of like-minded, heart-centered creatives

✔️ build & grow you business with confidence and ease

we're not just creating businesses...

we're creating our lives


✨ ditch the fear of the unknown & achieve your dreams

✨ fortify your mind with tools to reach your full potential

✨  cultivate self-love & deep belief in your heart & mind

✨  radiate confidence to overcome obstacles & rise above

✨  believe that you deserve to live a first-class dream life



✨ attract opportunities for visibility in your niche

✨ create content that establishes you as an expert

✨  grow your email list of highly-engaged superfans

✨  generate leads eager for your services or products

✨  close sales with confidence (and without sleaze)

Word on the street about Katie....

Patrick Lenertz
Before Katie's help, my passion project was completely scrambled. Katie helped me organize and strategize. She molded my ideas and took them from good to GREAT. She brought the concept of branding into my world. Katie also helped me develop overarching goals for the future. She's been a blessing. Since working with Katie, I have launched a podcast (15 episodes and counting), a website, a brand...and I had over 1,000 downloads in just 3 months and that number is only going to grow. For anyone and everyone who's considering working with Katie, I'd say, "What are you waiting for?!" Katie is here to help and she knows how to get the job done.

Patrick Lenertz


"Tell me what's included!"

Okay, okay!

LIVE Weekly Coaching

Imagine a fun business workshop...but virtual! Jump on the live Zoom call every single week to learn, strategize, and ask your questions.

Student of the Month Feature

Get featured in my newsletter that gets sent to LOTS of readers (for the most engaged members who are totally killin' it 😉)

Members Only Community

Access to a community of other creators for accountability + business hacks + networking + general awesomeness

LIVE Hot Seat

Get put on blast....the GOOD way! 1:1 deep-dive support to solve whatever strategic puzzle or mindset speed bump you run into.

Guest Expert Trainings

Learn from the best and the brightest in the online biz world. Think Bill Gates meets Yo-Yo Ma...Vera Wang meets Celine Dion, and beyond!

(and $99 recurring monthly after that)

Expert Trainings coming up...

Shannon Mattern

Web design & marketing QUEEN! Ask Shannon all your website questions, and she will help you build the perfect site for you biz, AND drive traffic to it!

Kira Hug

Copywriter extraordinaire! Kira is a genius wordsmith, and will help you come up with the perfect prose to spread your message, online & offline!

Allison Carter

Expert party-planner and membership biz guru! Allison built her crafty, subscription box business from the ground up, and she's sharing all her secrets!

These gals are too good to miss!

(and $99 recurring monthly after that)

Ready to create the life & business of your dreams?

🔶  build, launch, and grow your passion-driven business alongside a community of engaged entrepreneurs


🔶  learn EFFECTIVE strategies to market and sell your content, services, or products


🔶  collaborate & network with other creators to increase your impact and up-level your creative business game


🔶  cultivate self-assuredness & calm confidence in your ability to create anything you mind can conceive


🔶  start making a living doing what you love and enjoy your new-found freedom

And, best of all....

As a member of the Creative Business Collective, you become a part of a community of super-amazing, heart-centered creators & coaches who are supporting each other on our journeys to build our dream businesses and fulfill a higher purpose!

(and $99 recurring monthly after that)

Don't believe me?

See what these folks had to say! ⬇️


I just got looped in with Amy Porterfield & Chalene Johnson 🤩 !!!

Join the Creative Business Collective TODAY!

(and $99 recurring monthly after that)


Each coaching call will be will be recorded and housed in the membership portal for you to watch at your convenience.  So even if you miss the coaching call live, you can still watch as if you were there!

This is a great question.  This program is for anyone who wants to launch an online, service-based business…but there’s a lot more to it than that. 

The Creative Business Collective Membership is right for you if:


  • >>>You have no idea what you want to do, but you know that the life and the job you currently have is not working for you.  If you feel like you’ve lost touch with yourself and are living a life that wasn’t meant for you, Creative Business Collective is the perfect program for you.  Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn or do with your time that you’ve never done?  GREAT!  We’d love to work on that project with you and make it as amazing as it possibly can be!
  • >>>You already have a side hustle or your own business, but you want to monetize, refine, build, etc.  If you’ve already launched a passion project like a podcast, or a blog, but don’t know what your next steps should be to grow it, then Creative Business Collective is the perfect place for you to learn.  We’d love to dig in with you and get clear on what will take you to the next level.

Coaching sessions are member-led (and Katie-coached)….which simply means, we’ll cover anything YOU want to know!


Topics will range from mindset, to marketing, to sales strategy,  and beyond.  Here’s a few ideas for you:


  • >>> How to design the lifestyle of your dreams
  • >>> Zero in on Your Perfect Audience
  • >>> How to Build a Brand that Gets You Noticed
  • >>> Creating a website that connects with your audience AND converts them in to followers
  • >>> Validate your business idea so you can find the gold mine your talent deserves
  • >>> How to craft and irresistible offer

If you’re ready to really take a chance on yourself, you’re ready to follow our guidance, and you’re ready to work your buns off, then YES, it will absolutely be worth the money.  If your business is already making money, then what we’ll teach you will only BOOST your toolkit to take your life & business to the next level.

All Creative Business Collective Members students have the opportunity to ask their individual questions each week on the coaching call.  Having the 1 coaching call per week gives you the chance to ask your questions on the first coaching call, and get follow up feedback on the next coaching call.


In addition, we’ll have a HOT SEAT feature where 1 interested person will get a full hour with me to coach and tweak what ever you need the most help on.


On top of all that, I am in the Creative Business Collective private community on Facebook, where you can tag away! Ask your questions, and I’m there to support as long as you’ll have me!

This is a month-to-month membership, so you can cancel at any time.  It’s a no-hassle cancellation process.

All you have to do is send us an email to request your cancellation, and (after we pick your brain on a few small things first) we’ll process it right away!

If you decide to cancel, but come back later, you’ll have to join again at the current price point.  


REAL TALK:  I don’t plan on jacking around with the price like crazy (because I like you), so you’re probably safe. 


BUT – I cannot guarantee that if you cancel, you’ll be able to rejoin at the price you left at.  


So, just be forewarned that if you decide to cancel and later come running back to me for help….if I’ve raised my rate, that’s the price you pay.


Sound fair?  Cool.

Fast-Action Pricing (limited-time only)!!

(and $99 recurring monthly after that)

Here's where I'll get a little sappy...

My wish for you is that you begin to believe that you’re worth enough to prioritize in your life. I hope you begin to believe that you have a light inside of you that can shine so brightly, it helps light up other people’s lights.


Give yourself the grace to have a new beginning in your life.  I want you to take a bet on yourself because someone out there needs what you have to offer.  You have magic inside of you, whether you realize it or not.  But that magic is like a muscle – use it or lose it.  


When you are who you’re meant to be, you not only find purpose in your own life, but you help others find purpose in theirs.  I hope you find the courage to be who you were meant to be, to live the life you want to live, and love yourself as much as anyone can.

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