Becoming Debt-Free Millionaires: Part III

Written by on October 12, 2020

Becoming Debt-Free Millionaires: Part III

This is the third installment documenting our journey to becoming debt-free millionaires.  This is a big goal that my husband Mike and I have set for our lives.  In sharing our journey we hope to inspire you to make similar radical change in your life to live in total joy, bliss, and make life everything you’d hoped it would be.

A major part of our success has been leveraging the principles of the Law of Attraction.  Throughout this series, you’ll learn lessons about how you can apply these same principles to transform your life and manifest your deepest desires.

How we paid off $40K in one shot

As you read in Part I of this series, Mike and I were in a really difficult financial position in early 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic took our income from $60K+ per year to $0 in one fell swoop (read about our income recovery in Part II). On top of that, we were over $100K in debt.

Our financial issues started long before the pandemic, but this was the event that made our desperation feel real. I won’t rehash the whole story here (hence the idea behind the series), so you can read how we found ourselves in the mess in Part I.

The reality was that we needed to figure out a way to make get out of debt – and FAST.

We had been working on paying off credit card debt for the whole previous year, but hadn’t really gotten anywhere with it (I shamefully admit).

We decided this would be the time to really start getting serious about becoming debt-free.

The Trailer Story

We lived in Boston for one year from 2017-2018.  This was a tough year for us.  Our marriage struggled a lot, and this was also the time when we started realizing that our careers – and our entire lifestyle – needed an overhaul.  A little more than halfway through the year, it became clear that we needed to move.  Sure, we’d only been there a short while, but the stakes were too high. (Does this sound dramatic?  It is….but it isn’t).

One of the major things we realized during this rough patch was that it’s the relationships in our lives – friends & family – that are most important to us.  Living in Boston, we were completely isolated with no real friends or family around.  Yes, we’d met some great people, but things just didn’t feel quite right.

The answer was clear – we needed to go back home to the West Coast.  Mike and I had both grown up in SoCal, but for this move, we had our sight set on Washington State.  My sister lives there (and adorable niece and nephew), so we decided to settle there.

Of course, we needed a place to live out there, so we decided to do something a little unconventional: we’d buy a new pickup truck and a travel trailer and live in the trailer full time.  This would also allow us to travel comfortably just about anywhere, which is one of the things we’ve always dreamed of doing.

It would be an adventure – something a little different that would help us live our dream life.  Spoiler alert: it did not turn out to be the way we thought it would.


Our new pick-up truck that took us from Boston, all the way to Seattle.


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Our new, unconventional home

When we got to Washington, we quickly bought our new “house”.  It was exciting – it was 30′ long, had a beautiful kitchen with gorgeous countertops, and cozy bedroom with a huge closet (yes, even in a travel trailer), and was just the right size for the two of us.

It was stationary most of the time – we parked it on my sister’s 5-acre property, so we had a stable home life.  Having left Boston in a hurry, we were quick to grab serving jobs so we could pay our bills while we built our online business (which was a total flop – read more in Part II).

We weren’t making a lot of money, but we were kind of getting by.  Well, not really.  We could pay our bills each month, but a lot of expenses went on our credit card, which is how we ended up with such a hefty bill.

We had been in Washington for about six months when a job opportunity for Mike became available back home in SoCal.  We knew that leaving (again) would mean pressing pause on our dream for a while, but financially it made sense.

We were hesitant in some ways, but in other ways, knew it wasn’t sustainable to live the way we were living, so we decided to go for it.  We packed up our stuff (again) and drove to California.  This is really where we started to feel the weight of our debt.

We had no furniture, because we had left it all in Boston when we left.  We didn’t need it, because we had a trailer.  The problem was that the cost of living in California is significantly higher than what it is in Washington.  So moving to California meant that we wouldn’t have a place to park our trailer and live in it (for free, like we had in Washington).  instead, if we wanted to live in our trailer in California, we’d be paying at least $1000 in rent each month for a space at an RV park.  That was not in our budget.

It gets worse – now because we had this truck, trailer, and limited income, we couldn’t afford a place of our own because our income was tied up in all these payments.  We decided to put the trailer in storage for a short time until we could figure out our next steps.

It became clear after being in California for a few months that we really needed to sell this (basically brand new, hardly used) trailer to reclaim some of our monthly income and clear $40,000 in debt.

Our biggest problem of all: we were now upside down on this trailer.  We owed more than it was worth, and we had no cash to make up the difference.  What a conundrum.

We felt stuck, but new we needed to use our manifesting powers to turn the situation around.

Getting right side up again

When COVID rolled around, we lost our income completely, and as a result, we majorly pulled back on our spending.  Over a couple of months, we’d ended up saving about $7000 because we had cut anything and everything we possibly could from our budget.

As you read in Part II, we slowly started rebuilding our income with a music studio. We were generating a thousand or two in revenue each month that we knew we could grow. But, this wasn’t enough to cover our expenses, let alone get right side up on the trailer before we could even think about selling it.

Just one more thing to complicate the matter: the loan for our trailer was held at a local bank in Washington.  We were in California…trying to sell the trailer in California.  This only matters because, as the lender, they hold the title to the vehicle until you pay it off.  So we didn’t just need a few thousand dollars to get right side up on the trailer – we needed over $39,000 to pay it off so we could have the title in hand before we sold it.

How the FFFFF do you come up with $40K in cash when you’re $100K in debt?  Manifest it – that’s how.

It just so happens that Mike’s mom was able to lend us the money we needed to pay off the trailer so we could have the title in hand and sell it.  Once it sold, we could pay her back.  I fully recognize that we were very lucky in this situation to have a trusted family member who was willing to help us.  I also recognize not everyone has this advantage.  We are very fortunate to have this abundance in our lives.

Is this actually manifesting?

You might be thinking, “that’s not manifesting.  That’s just luck.”  And I would tell you that you’re wrong.  Manifesting is about seeing opportunities around you to attract and create abundance.  It’s about changing your perspective to see another way.  It’s about getting creative to make a solution to a problem you previously thought was impossible.

For months, I’d been stuck on this thought: “we’re not going to be able to sell the trailer because we owe so much on it, and we’re going to be stuck with it for years”.  And for as long as I thought that, it was true.

But as soon as I changed the thought and started to believe it was possible, things started to change.  It began with the extra $7000 we’d saved by watching our spending.  The pandemic lockdown aided us halting our spending (because anywhere we could spend money wasn’t open), and so we used that to pay down the $40K balance to a level where we knew we could sell the trailer.  The rest we were able to borrow from Mike’s mom after she so graciously offered to help bail us out.

We were VERY hesitant to borrow this money, mainly because there was a lot of risk in it for her, and she wasn’t benefiting from it financially in any way. $30K+ is a lot to lend someone without knowing when they might return it, ya know?  She very graciously offered us this money, without putting pressure on us to pay her back in any specific time frame. We could have turned the offer down, but that would’ve been telling the Universe we didn’t want to be out of debt.  This was an opportunity we couldn’t turn down.

Now OF COURSE, we wanted to pay that money back as soon as possible – and so we did.  We turned up the heat on our advertising efforts, sold the trailer, AND returned the money to Mike’s mom within 1 month!  $40K in one shot, hacked off the top of our debt burden.

That was nearly half of all the debt we owed – GONE!  So relieving.  We are proud and thankful that that piece of the puzzle has been completed.

Next on the list is to pay off our credit card debt.  Our plan is to be credit card debt-free by the end of 2020.  Do you think we can do it?  Leave a comment below.  See you in Part IV!


Much love 💕,



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